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Cassie M. Clark

Cassie M. Clark

Provider / Owner of Clark Hearing, Inc

Cassie M. Clark is a native Houstonian, born and raised right here at home in Texas. She has built her
career around serving clients, and has been a member of the hearing health care community for more
than nine years. As a Hearing Instrument Specialist, Cassie is dedicated to bringing families together
through the joy of hearing. Working with patients and learning about their lives has become one of her
greatest joys.

Cassie opened her own practice, Clark Hearing, in Magnolia in 2017 in order to be able to bring patients a
higher level of service. Since then, the practice has grown to three locations, and is blessed to continue to
bring the latest and best hearing technology to each and every patient. Her commitment to service
extends beyond her business, and she is proud to support the Leaping Butterflies Ministry. Together with
the organization she fits and provides hearing aids to women living with Turner Syndrome.
Outside of the office Clark enjoys spending time with her family, a husband and three daughters, traveling
and making memories. Cassie’s strong family-first attitude can be seen in her practice, where patients are
welcomed as family, and treated as more than just a number. At Clark Hearing, Inc the goal of each and
every staff member is to help you hear better – and understanding who you are as an individual is a core

Tonya Janicek

Tonya Janicek

Hearing Instrument Specialist

While still attending college, she began working in the hearing industry in 2009, discovering a
passion for helping people live better lives through improved hearing, and went on to earn her
license as a Hearing Instrument Specialist in 2013. Tonya has since honed her skill and
understanding by attending various training and continuing education course across the country.
Over the years, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience with most brands of
hearing instruments and assistive listening devices, Bluetooth connectivity, and is very adept and
proficient in aural rehabilitation and cerumen management. Tonya has enabled many, many
patients to significantly improve their quality of life by providing the right solution for each
individual in order to maximize their hearing potential.

Tonya recently returned to Houston after residing in Corpus Christi for 13 years. During her
downtime, she enjoys a rich life by spending time with family and friends, and loves going to the
beach. However, sometimes the perfect day is simply going for a long walk with her fur baby,
Taffy, then return home to watch HGTV.

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