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Cassie Clark

Cassie Clark

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Cassie Clark recently opened, Clark Hearing, Inc., her own privately owned practice near the growing FM 2978 and FM1488 intersection to serve The Woodlands, Tomball, and Magnolia area. She earned her Fitting and Dispensing Hearing Instruments License in 2012, and has over seven years’ experience in a well-established practice in The Woodlands. Ms. Clark has been extremely successful in helping people reconnect with their family and friends by helping them to hear well again.

The ability to improve one’s hearing is achieved by listening to the client’s concerns, finding the best product to resolve those concerns and a proper custom fitting. Cassie not only enjoys treating hearing loss and offering hearing protection, she is excited about the quality custom products she has available for treatment. She is especially enthusiastic about the hearing protection products she offers that help with hunter ears and the musician ES-systems and basically any environment that provides a threat to your hearing.

Mrs. Clark is also an active member of the community; she is a District 14 Commissioner of the USA Softball Association and volunteers at her children’s extracurricular activities.

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