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Hearing Protection

Losing your hearing can have negative impacts, especially on your social life. But hearing loss is often preventable, so why not focus on what we can do to fight hearing loss?

At Clark Hearing, we don't just want to correct your hearing. We want to improve your overall quality of life. We encourage everyone to find ways to protect their hearing, whether that's avoiding loud noises or wearing high-quality hearing protection if loud noise is unavoidable. While there's no guarantee that your hearing will be 100% if you follow hearing protection guidance, you’ll be happier and healthier in the long term. Even if you are already experiencing hearing loss, it's important to protect the hearing you have.

Hearing Protection Services

  • Hunters' earplugs: We have many hunters in our own families, and we're always reminding them how important it is to protect their hearing. Custom earplugs for hunters can prevent loud noises like gunfire from damaging your hearing, without affecting your hunting experience.
  • Musicians' earplugs and in-ear monitors (IEMs): We carry products from Westone, one of the best manufacturers for musicians' hearing protection products. Whether you want to listen to music and protect your ears without sacrificing sound quality, or you're a musician and you need to be able to hear your performance without damaging your ears, Westone has you covered.
  • Traditional hearing protection: So many other people can benefit from hearing protection, too. For example, if you work in loud environments such as a construction site or around heavy machinery, custom earplugs can save your hearing in the long run.